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Unmasking WhatsApp Cloud API: 7 Myths and the Reality You Should Embrace!

In recent times, Facebook’s launch of the WhatsApp Cloud API has caused a lot of confusion/myths among customers and businesses alike. There are several misconceptions surrounding this new offering, and in this blog, we aim to clarify what the WhatsApp Cloud API is all about and debunk these myths. Our goal is to help you better understand the benefits and capabilities of this powerful tool for businesses and developers.


The WhatsApp Cloud API is a cloud-based version of the popular WhatsApp Business API, designed to empower businesses and developers to enhance their customer interactions and create customized experiences. It provides rapid access to the WhatsApp Business API, with approval taking only a matter of minutes, thanks to Facebook’s direct approval process through the Cloud API.

Understanding the WhatsApp Cloud API

The WhatsApp Cloud API is an extension of the WhatsApp Business API, allowing businesses to leverage the power of cloud-based infrastructure for their messaging needs. With this cloud-based solution, businesses can enjoy seamless scalability, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance efforts compared to traditional on-premise setups.

Now, let’s dive into the misconceptions and myths surrounding the WhatsApp Cloud API:

Myth: Facebook offers a platform to use WhatsApp Business API

Fact: While Facebook grants free direct access to the WhatsApp Business API, it does not provide a platform to utilize the Business API fully. To kickstart your journey with the WhatsApp Cloud API, you’ll still need the assistance of a WhatsApp partner or Business Solution Provider (BSP).

Myth: Messaging is free with WhatsApp Cloud API

Fact: Although Facebook hosts servers for storing messages sent via the WhatsApp Cloud API, messaging charges still apply based on Conversational based pricing. The approval for WhatsApp Business API is free, but businesses need to pay for conversations based on UICs (User Initiated Conversations) & BICs (Business Initiated Conversations).

Myth: The same Phone Number can be used with On-Premise & the Cloud WhatsApp API simultaneously

Fact: Unfortunately, you cannot use the same WhatsApp number for both the on-premise WhatsApp Business API and the cloud WhatsApp API. However, it is possible to migrate from an on-premise setup to the WhatsApp API.

Myth: WhatsApp Business API Messaging features won’t be available on WhatsApp Cloud API

Fact: Rest assured, all messaging features available on the on-premise WhatsApp Business API will be accessible on the Cloud API. Some features may not be immediately available, but Facebook plans to roll them out through monthly updates.

Myth: Messages sent via the WhatsApp Cloud API are unsafe

Fact: The WhatsApp Cloud API ensures end-to-end encryption for messages exchanged between users and businesses. This means that messages are fully secure and private, and WhatsApp cannot access the message content.

Myth: The role of BSPs has ended with the launch of WhatsApp Cloud API

Fact: Despite direct access to the WhatsApp Business API through the WhatsApp Cloud API, the role of BSPs or WhatsApp partners remains essential. Businesses still need to develop their own platform or choose a service to take full advantage of the API.

Myth: On-premise WhatsApp Business API will be removed

Fact: Facebook has explicitly stated that the on-premise WhatsApp Business API will continue to be available. Businesses can still directly access the on-premise WhatsApp Business API through WhatsApp partners.


In conclusion, the WhatsApp API is a game-changer for businesses and developers, providing rapid access to the WhatsApp Business API through a cloud-based solution. To make the most of this offering, it’s essential to understand the facts and dispel any myths surrounding it.

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