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Unlock the Potential of WhatsApp ChatBots by Marketing Experts

WhatsApp Broadcast

Reach & Connect at Scale by sending messages, notifications, personalized offers &videos to unlimited users

No Code ChatBots

ChatBots with Drag & Drop facility to provide 24/7 Customer Care & Engagement.

Click-to-WhatApp Ads

Click, Connect, Convert: Elevate Your Business with Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

WhatsApp API

Neeti Bots Platform is powered by Official WhatsApp Business APIs and is in alignment with all WhatsApp Rules. We help you getting your Business API verified

Marketing Support

Get continuous Marketing Support & Help from our Marketing Expert Team having more than 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Strategy Development

Re Targeting

Retarget with Precision: Achieve 3X Sales through Smart Segmentation

Multi Lingual Bot

Communicate in Multiple Languages

Why do you need Bots to grow your Business?
We understand that you need to grow your business and you are not sure why your business is not growing as it should be.
Because, perhaps you are using old tools, which have stopped working. You need to realise that your customer has changed completely due to this new digital generation.
This is an “Instant Coffee” generation, who wants instant gratification. They are not prepared to wait for solutions. Do you know that if your potential customer has a query- after 5 minutes there is a drop of 400 % in conversion?
As per a LinkedIn survey, 81% of the tech buyers do not fill “Lead Capture Form”, which is considered to be the biggest “Road Block” in acquiring new customers. “Landing Page” is another big culprit. As per the research, the conversion rate from “landing page” is only 2.35%

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Verified Business



Whatsapp solutions

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, where every WhatsApp message is read within 5 minutes. 200 billion people use WhatsApp globally.
We provide powerful WhatsApp integration capabilities to help you reach your business goals. Contact us today to learn more!
Lead generation & automation
We understand your business, your customers, and the opportunities available to you. We reach your target customers directly through your verified WhatsApp business account.
We shall assist in running automated campaigns for you and once leads are generated, your team can connect with these prospects and market your products in real time.
You can follow these positive leads to convert and become your paying customers. We also re-target the balance leads in order to increase the chances of conversion.

Run automated WhatsApp campaigns and generate qualified leads. It will be easy for you to convert these qualified leads into paying customers.





Be Where Your Customers Are

Today, everyone is on WhatsApp! Your future customers are shopping on WhatsApp. They are getting 24/7 customer service on WhatsApp and loving it. Are you on WhatsApp ? If not, why not get started now ?

Why Use WhatsApp Over Email or SMS?

WhatsApp is the most powerful communication channel in the market. As per statistics, when you send 100 WhatsApp messages almost 99% of these messages will be read and more than 40% of users will click the link.

Neeti Bots for Sales Team

Use the WhatsApp Chatbot to engage with new prospects. Reduce first response times and boost conversions with a much faster 2-way communication tool.

Neeti Bots for Support Team

Send order updates & keep your customers informed about your timings and availability. Enable quick issue resolution with WhatsApp Chatbot and native integrations is done with your most popular tools.

Neeti Bots for Marketing

Engage & build relationships with your customers by sending personalised offers, product catelog and videos. Get never before open and response rates!

Neeti Bots for Developers

Our WhatsApp API Gateway plan is the best for developers who only want WhatsApp API access without any dashboard. Build your own solutions with our API Gateway.

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