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Our Story


Neeti Bots is a comprehensive customer communication platform for WhatsApp. We are an official WhatsApp API partner.​
Neeti Bots enables sales, customer support and marketing teams to use a single platform to broadcast messages and generate & manage Leads.


“They say necessity is the mother of invention and that’s how Neeti Bots came into existence!”
Neeti Brand Accelerator is in the business of providing marketing and Branding services to small and medium-sized companies with a specialization in launching New Products. We had managed more than 150 brands and launched more than 60 brands - www.neeti.biz. 
Neeti Brand Accelerator noticed the need for a powerful and simple platform with transparent pricing for businesses to leverage WhatsApp Business efficiently. As WhatsApp is the most popular massaging App used by almost everyone to communicate.
Following this Eureka moment, we launched Neeti Bots in June, 2023, to make WhatsApp Business accessible to everybody. Our key promise was to make it simple enough for e-commerce businesses to reach their customers on WhatsApp. And efficiently manage product/service-related communication with them.

Our Mission

To provide small and medium businesses in India and globally with the right tools and resources to better engage and sell to their customers.

Our Vision

To be the de-facto platform of choice for small and medium businesses globally, looking to leverage conversational commerce.

Our values

Powerful. Simple. Transparent. Single Platform with Clean User-interface and No ambiguity!


30+ Years Experirence

Our senior team has tons of experience across different categories. We have managed more than 150 brands during last 3 decades. We know how to create maximum impact with the least resources.


Scaled 100cr Revenue

Do you know that it is difficult to become a hundred crore brand if you are a new or small brand? We have helped in building five brands which have crossed this magic number. And these brands continue to grow.


Launched 60 Brands

We have launched more than 60 brands in domestic market. This included research & development and execution of marketing plan for various categories. We can help grow your business with new technology.


Official WhatsApp API

Neeti Bots is the most comprehensive communication platform built on Official WhatsApp API. You can send thousands of messages to your customers multiple times without the fear of getting banned.

Send unlimited whatsapp messages

You can start conversations with your customers in minutes & send messages, notifications, brochures and videos almost immediately from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chatbot - customer service 24/7

We build WhatsApp Chatbots for customized solutions. These automated chatbots are used to acquire, engage and support prospects and customers 24/7 round the clock.

Generate leads instantly

We understand your business, target, customers, and opportunities. We do direct marketing where we reach your audience directly through your verified WhatsApp business account and generate leads.

Manage leads by tele-calling

We will run automated campaigns and once leads are generated, our tele-calling team will call and explain your product in real-time. This service will be available from October '23 onwards.

Looking for Chatbots to grow your business 5X ?

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