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WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Through Neeti Bot, you will be able to run bulk marketing campaigns which can inform, and engage with your customer. You can send personalised offers, product brochures, campaign highlights in text and video form.

Customer service 24/7

Opportunity can knock anytime-even at 2 am. Take care of your customers 24/7 through our Chatbot. It is a sin to miss out any inquiry because your Physical person is not available. It will also improve your sleep.

Lead Generation

We target and reach your potential customers through BOTS assisted by WhatsApp Official API. Imagine, contacting thousands of prospects multiple times so you can tell your story most impactfully. And everything is automated. Convert these leads to grow your business 5X.

Lead Management

Do you want the ultimate bliss? Most companies have no time to manage leads. We provide a super special service of managing your leads which will lead to conversion. This service is not available now. Give us just 3 months.

Send Bulk Campaigns

Through Neeti Bot, you will be able to send bulk marketing campaigns which can inform, and engage the customer. These campaigns are most useful when you are planning to launch a new product or run a new marketing campaign.

Automate Notifications

All your notifications will be automated. So you do not have to worry about manually keeping a track of sending notifications to different target groups. You can sit back and relax. Neeti Bots takes care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Green Tick Verification

Businesses that have been granted the Official Business Account (OBA) status on WhatsApp, get a green tick besides their business name. The green tick confirms that it is an authentic and trusted business account. A WABA must be eligible to become an OBA.

Share Catalogues at Scale

With Neeti Bot in place, you will be able to send product catalogues, notifications, trade-schemes, price changes etc. to all your customers and dealers. Neeti Bot ensures that there is a minimum loss in transit and messages can reach their destination in a flash.

Multi-Agent Team Inbox

A live agent is a human customer service agent that may step in to resolve more complex customer inquiries. This provides the option of one-on-one interaction in real-time. Live agents can fill in the gaps where chatbots falter.

Track campaign Performance

Neeti Bot allows you to track your campaign performance in real time. It can give you information about how many contacts have received the message. These detailed analyses will help you to analyze the campaign effectiveness and modify or change the campaign strategy.

Grow Your Business 5X With Us

NEETI BOTS is a new age techno-marketing company, which is promoted by marketing professionals with more than 30 year experience in sales, marketing and strategy development. 
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