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Empower Your Business with Neeti Bots and Whatsapp API

With 2 billion active users, WhatsApp has emerged as an indispensable marketing platform for savvy marketers. Its unparalleled reach and impressive statistics, such as a 98% open rate and up to 60% click-through rate (CTR), make it an incredibly valuable tool.Neeti Bots can help you do that!

Conversational marketing, the prevailing technique of the modern era, focuses on engaging customers and delivering exceptional experiences. Today, people spend more time on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, seeking personalized interactions and direct conversations with brands.

Enter Neeti Bots, the advanced WhatsApp Business API that takes your marketing game to new heights. Unlike the personal or business versions, Neeti Bots equips you with exclusive features and capabilities.

But what exactly is WhatsApp Business API?

Designed to support medium and large businesses, WhatsApp Business API enhances customer support, relationship management, and engagement. It enables businesses to operate WhatsApp on multiple devices using the same number, send bulk messages, and improve their overall marketing strategy. To get started, registration with a business service provider (BSP) is required.

Let’s explore the benefits and features of WhatsApp Business API:
  1. Broad Reach and Targeted Messaging: Neeti Bots allows you to broadcast promotional messages to a maximum of 100,000 users at once, ensuring your content reaches a wide audience.
  2. Automated Communication: Neeti Bots automates order updates, abandoned cart reminders, and other notifications, providing customers with real-time information and streamlining your operations.
  3. AI-Powered Customer Support: With an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot, Neeti Bots enables 24/7 automated customer query resolution, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.
  4. Seamless Live Chat Support: Neeti Bots lets you provide live chat support with human agents on unlimited devices, allowing for personalized interactions and resolving complex queries.
WhatsApp Business API offers two primary modes of communication:
  1. Notifications: Businesses can send templated notifications to customers who have given their consent. These notifications assist customers throughout their journey, provide updates, and enable two-way communication for query resolution.
  2. Customer Care: Neeti Bots facilitates two-way conversations, allowing brands and customers to interact on WhatsApp. Businesses can respond to customer queries, troubleshoot issues, and gauge customer satisfaction using features like Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Additionally, WhatsApp Business API’s user-friendly interface enables easy sharing of text, images, audio, video, documents, locations, and contacts, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Why choose WhatsApp Business API for your business?

WhatsApp Business API empowers you to reach, engage, and build strong relationships with your customers. It fosters trust with branded profiles and prioritizes security and privacy through end-to-end encryption.

The benefits include:

  1. Timely and Vital Messages: Reach consented customers with important messages using templated notifications, ensuring they stay engaged and informed.
  2. Increased Engagement: Neeti Bots enables multimedia messages and two-way conversations, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences and build rapport with customers.
  3. Personalized Support: Neeti Bots facilitates one-on-one conversations, offering a seamless and direct channel for customers to seek assistance and make inquiries.
  4. Preferred Communication Channel: Customers prefer WhatsApp due to its high open rate and convenience. By leveraging WhatsApp Business API, you cater to customer preferences and enhance your brand’s communication strategy.

WhatsApp’s lightweight design ensures it functions smoothly on low-cost handsets and weak connections, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

How does WhatsApp Business API boost your customer conversations?
  1. Create Broadcast Lists: Segment your audience based on specific criteria and send targeted messages, such as event invitations or special offers, increasing engagement and interaction.
  2. Provide Customer Service on WhatsApp: Engage with customers in real-time, using various media attachments to make conversations more interactive and efficient. Live video assistance and tutorials streamline the support process.
  3. Gather Feedback: Utilize WhatsApp as a feedback channel, leveraging its high open rate and cost-effectiveness. Respond promptly to customer queries, address concerns, and enhance product or service quality based on valuable feedback.
  4. Personalize Communication: Engage in personalized conversations with individual customers or segmented groups, creating a more tailored and satisfying experience.
  5. Use WhatsApp as a “Contact Us” Option: Replace traditional contact methods like emails or calls with WhatsApp, offering customers a preferred and convenient means of communication. Neeti Bots’ AI-driven chatbot ensures round-the-clock support and quick responses.
  6. Move Conversations to WhatsApp with “Click to Chat” Links: Seamlessly connect with customers by providing “Click to Chat” options, enabling swift and easy interaction, even for those not on your contact list.
  7. Optimize Social Media Ads: Enhance user engagement and personalization by using WhatsApp as a landing page for your social media ads. By integrating WhatsApp’s live chat and incorporating CTAs, you can effectively connect with your audience and reduce bounce rates.
While WhatsApp Business API offers advanced features, it’s essential to note that certain features are not supported:
  1. WhatsApp Calls and Video Calls: WhatsApp Business API does not support normal voice or video calls, limiting communication to text-based interactions.
  2. WhatsApp Groups: Managing WhatsApp groups is currently unavailable through the API, restricting businesses from utilizing this feature for customer engagement.
  3. WhatsApp Business Catalog: Creating and sharing WhatsApp catalogs is not possible with the API. Understanding WhatsApp’s template guidelines is crucial for effective message creation.

In summary, WhatsApp Business API presents unparalleled opportunities to boost conversions and customer interactions. However, businesses must adhere to specific rules and regulations, such as registration with BSPs and template message approval.

To explore the benefits of WhatsApp Business API and leverage Neeti Bots’ capabilities, reach out to our team. Start your journey with our 14-day free trial and witness how Neeti Bots revolutionizes customer communication for your business.

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