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Wishlist for a blissful 2024

The shelf life of any New Year Resolution is 5 days. So I have stopped making resolutions. Instead, I make Wishlist. Even if I complete 50 % of my wishlist, it feels like moonwalking. Light-hearted and blissful.

Here is my wish list for 2024

  • I will stop Overreliance on Brand-Name Products:
    Often, generic products offer the same quality as brand names but at a significantly lower cost. This applies to a wide range of products, from medications to household items. As a brand consultant, I promote branding but I confess, that branding is overrated.
  • Buying Books and Magazines:
    Don’t buy new books or Magazines. While reading is a great habit, purchasing new books can be expensive. Utilizing libraries, thrift stores, or digital reading platforms like Kindle can be a cost-effective alternative. This approach not only saves money but also supports sustainable practices​​​​.
  • I will not renew my Unused Gym Membership:
    Gym memberships can be expensive, especially if not used regularly. Exploring alternative workout options like outdoor activities, home workouts, or community center facilities can be equally effective and much cheaper​​.
  • I will avoid Home Décor Trends which are plain ugly.

I will not use long and heavy drapery, brass hardware, matching furniture sets, over-the-range microwaves, hanging pot racks, and bold-colour appliances.

  • I shall avoid Fast Food and but not Alcohol
    Fast food, while convenient, can be a drain on both your wallet and health. Similarly, alcohol consumption can be therapy for the soul. So drink wisely if it makes you happy. If your doctor says otherwise- change the doctor.
  • I will carry out a digital detox
    Follow the 10/20/30 rule. I will have 10 WhatsApp groups, 20 individual contacts, and 30 minutes of social media per day. Spend one day without using a mobile phone.
  • I will try a minimalistic lifestyle
    If you have not used a product for the last six months (not applicable for spouse) or are not in love with it- it is time to discard it.
    The minimalistic theory says that you can lead a blissful life with only 150 products in your house.The real purpose of life is to live a blissful life -that overflows with love, luck, and laughter. Most of the time.

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