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WhatsApp Messaging Pricing

Our conversation charges are ₹ 0.72/- not ₹ 0.81/-
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Business Initiated Conversations

User Initiated Conversations

These are charges for Indian customers and directly from Meta and we will not charge you extra. Meta reserves the right to change these prices without prior notice. Click here to see these prices on Meta’s website –

FAQs related to whatsApp conversations and pricing

What are conversations? How do we define conversations?
Conversations are the fixed 24-hour sessions that start when the first business message in a conversation is delivered, either initiated by the business or in reply to a user message.
How many free conversations do i get per month?
Every WhatsApp Business Account gets 1,000 free service conversations per month across all business phone numbers connected to it. Marketing, utility, and authentication conversations are not included in the free tier.
What are marketing conversations?
Marketing conversations are initiated by your business to promote products or services to customers who have agreed to receive messages from you. They require template approval and customer opt-in. This type of conversation can include offers, recommendations, updates, invitations, and other messages initiated by you that aren't authentication or utility-related.
What are utility conversations?
Utility conversations provide your customers with transaction-related information, such as post-purchase notifications and billing statements, and may allow them to confirm, suspend, or modify their purchases. As a business, you must obtain template approval and customer opt-in before sending these messages.
What are authentication conversations?
Authentication conversations are conversations initiated by your business that use secure, one-time passcodes to authenticate users during login, including account registration, recovery, and security checks. These conversations require a pre-approved template and customer opt-in.
What are service conversations?
Service conversations are initiated by customers and allow them to engage with your business when they need assistance. These conversations aim to resolve customer inquiries such as product or service support. Also, they don’t require an approved template or customer opt-in.
What are free entry point conversations?
Customers on Android or iOS can start a free entry point conversation by messaging a business via the Click to WhatsApp Ad or Facebook Page Call-to-Action button. Your business must respond within 24 hours to open the conversation, which lasts 72 hours and is free. This allows you to send any message without extra charges while the conversation is open.